Darkness Within

Once Samantha learns her family secret, her life is in terrible danger--nd her unlife may just be beginning. Samantha’s dad is a vampire and soon, she too will change. She flees with her mom and brother to Shadow Falls to find the spell to kill the vampire blood flowing through her veins.

When Samantha encounters Brent, a human with the most bewitching smile, things get complicated. She doesn’t have time for a romance, not with the daunting task of defeating a vampire who has been around for centuries.

Then Samantha meets Drake, a totally hot vampire, who claims she belongs with him and the darkness within her completely agrees. She must fight her incredible urge to be with Drake and the yearning within her soul to become what she fears most.

Will she save herself and those she loves or will she embrace the night forever?

Darkness Within 

Magic Within

Nancy, a purple-haired witch, has never fit in.  She has a deep sense something is wrong with her.  She’s felt that way ever since her dad left.   Nancy also has trouble with guys.  Josh and she have a special bond.  On the terrible night…he had almost kissed her.   Nick, a human, and jock to make it worse, loves Nancy.  He sees the magic within her.


Josh is turned into a werewolf.  Not only is he a werewolf , but  a mangy one and at the bottom of the pack.   To make matters worse, the head werewolf immediately hates him and wants him dead.  And then there is Sandy, another werewolf.  With the full moon fast approaching Nancy and Josh must find the spell to kill the werewolf curse. 


Nancy, a purple-haired witch, has never fit in.  She has always had a deep sense that something is wrong with her.  Her best friend, Josh, is attacked by a werewolf.  In order to save him, Nancy must find the spell to save Josh.  But the spell needs to be injected into Josh during the full moon so he can decide his fate, if he chooses to remain a werewolf Nancy must destroy him or die trying to.  Nancy must search within and find her magic so she can finally be happy and give love a chance.

Magic Within 


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Darkness Within