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A Kiss For Kate

A Kiss for Kate is a funny, adorable love story.


Kate Smith is a workaholic real-estate agent in love with the perfect guy--Nathan Stone. The last thing she wants to do is to work with Nathan’s do-gooder brother, Jake.


Jake Stone loathes the idea of having Kate on his project. Sure, she might be gorgeous and the best in her field, but she’s also materialistic, selfish, and a real pain in the neck.


The last thing Kate and Jake want is to spend the holiday together, but his dog, Daisy, makes sure Kate is tangled up in his plans.


Will Kate get her perfect kiss from the right brother this Christmas or end up alone under the mistletoe?

Can You See Me 

   Ash’s life is in turmoil. Her mom walked out on her dad and dragged her to the small town, Shadow Mountain. They’re living with her strange grandma who thinks she’s a witch.


     Ash’s bitter anger over her parents’ impending divorce pushes her to the brink. It doesn’t help she’s the new kid at school and there are whispers throughout the town her grandma dances naked under the full moon.


     Things become even creepier at the ceremony celebrating the new high school built over the old one which burnt to the ground. Not all the bodies were recovered from the tragic night. Rumors and spirits still linger.


     Ash sees a girl in the dead of winter wearing an old-fashioned spring gown. “Can you see me?” the girl asks.


     Kimberly is suddenly back at her high school, but everything is different and the only person who can see her is Ash, a strange new girl.


     Ash and Kimberly uncover dark secrets and malicious souls, but can they overcome the shadows that threaten to destroy them?

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